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Q: What does it cost to list a house with an agent? What value do I get for my money?

A: The going rate in the Montreal area ranges between 5-7% of the final selling price. The amount, determined with your agent, varies based on factors that include:

Desired expediency of sale -- the faster you want to sell, the more promotion and advertising are needed, and the higher the incentive offered should be to ensure other agent are motivated to visit it.

Demand in the area -- a property that requires minimal advertising and is likely to sell quickly should demand less commission.

Expected selling price, the ease of showing the property, and the length of the contract are also considered

Note that agents pay their affiliated office (Sutton; Re/Max) for using their banner and rely solely on commissions to cover all expenses including advertising, gas, office expenses, etc. The commission is shared with the Buyer's agent. The commission is negotiable, but ultimately depends on the amount of work the agent expects to do to make the sale.